A great dishwasher is an ideal way to save time. As one of the chores that no-one enjoys it’s not surprising that nationwide dishwashers are becoming more popular. However, removing the need for any pre or post rinsing off of plates, pots or cutlery means getting a level of high performance. With the latest WFO 3T323 6P UK dishwasher, Whirlpool has perfected excellent cleaning with an efficiency that saves water even when compared to washing by hand. 


Whirlpool WFO3T3236PXUK dishwasher review - Which?

With space for 14 place settings, the Whirlpool can fit in all the dirty plates, pots and pans from a weeknight dinner with ease. Thanks to its unique 6th Sense technology performance is adjusted automatically adjusted to the load and how dirty it is using intelligent sensors. This clever feature means your dishes are always washed fully while delivering up to 50% saving on energy, water and time. In total, a normal cycle will use just 6 litres of water, much less than even washing up by hand, which is also why this dishwasher is A++ energy rated. 

PowerClean PRO technology helps remove the need to pre-rinse or scrub your dishes before adding to your cycle. With the powerful jets directed intelligently towards the most soiled parts of your dirty dishes. This cleaning power not only means much better performance but also additional space, with an extra 30% available on the lower rack for even more dishes.  

However, the impressive cleaning power of the WFO 3T323 6P UK dishwasher doesn’t mean an appliance that is loud when in operation. The Super Silent programme means you get tough cleaning with minimal disruption, used with the Delay Timer is means you can run the Whirlpool whenever suits you best even late into the night when power is cheapest. 


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