Eliminate the need for guesswork with the latest W11I MS180 UK built-in oven from Whirlpool. Finding that perfect balance between functionality and design has never been simpler, this eye-catching oven comes packed with some of the latest advancements to cooking technology which makes daily operation an absolute pleasure. Not only does this oven provide you with the means to improve your cooking finesse, but it also helps you gain the confidence to tackle more complex dishes. 


Micheline Star Cooking Results Time After Time 


Simply select your recipe and walk away. The latest 6TH SENSE TECHNOLOGY will empower you to master the most delicate of dishes with ease. Preparing delicate meats such as lamb or pork can leave you feeling stressed, everything needs to go perfectly to achieve that succulent centre that you desire. This no longer has to be the case. The 6th Sense function will allow you to select the dish you are preparing and leave the oven to do all the difficult work. The automatic adjustment of heat and humidity will ensure mouth-watering results with minimal effort.  Hosting for friends and family is now effortless when you have the 6TH SENSE by your side taking care of everything, allowing you to give your guests the undivided attention that they deserve.


Restaurant-Quality Food Every Night of The Week 


The intuitive smart display will take your cooking expertise to the next level, constantly learning your habits to tailor your cooking experience to meet your specific needs and requirements. By choosing one of the many cooking combinations, MYSMARTDISPLAY creates a clear step-by-step guide to help you achieve a lip-smacking finish in real-time. Cooking delicious food on a weeknight doesn’t have to zap all your time and energy, with the latest smart display you can finally create restaurant-quality food without the assistance of a sous chef. 


Dedicated Programs For All Situations 


Leftovers have never tasted so good thanks to the variety of preset programs offered by the latest built-in oven from Whirlpool. One of the biggest problems surrounding reheating food is that the original texture taste and texture is lost. This is a result of standard heating methods exposing the food to high levels of direct heat, this leads to the dish becoming dried out and losing flavour. Whether you're heating from chilled or frozen, this oven will have a dedicated program which allows you to bring your favourite foods back to life. Not only will this help reduce the amount of food that goes to waste but will fill you with the confidence that once reheated it will retain that taste and texture that was enjoyed so much first time around. 


Energy Efficiency When You Need It Most 


With top of the range, performance must come reliable energy efficiency. As the electricity bills rise, the need for energy-efficient appliances becomes more important than ever. The latest built-in oven from Whirlpool is designed with energy efficiency is the number one priority. Offering an A-rated energy efficiency rating you will now have total peace of mind that when you’re preparing food, minimal energy will be going to waste. By saving money on your energy bills you will have more to spend on the things in life that mean the most to you. 


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